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Jeffrey Haase is Associate Professor and Coordinator for the Interior Design undergraduate program in the Department of Design.  Ohio State University.

He is an architect, and is well known for his inventive restaurant interior designs, including many popular and upscale Columbus venues such as Martini Ristorante, Mitchell’s Steakh

ouse, Cap City Diner, and Figlio’s. As a principal, lead designer, and project coordinator at Design Collective Inc., many of his interior designs were honored with awards and featured in professional periodicals and books. Awarded and published projects include designs in healthcare, hospitality and the corporate market.

Professor Haase’s academic research is concerned with the role of spatial representation within the disciplines of Interior Design and Architecture. He is specifically exploring alternative ways of representing spatial ideas to better understand issues of scale, spatial perception, location mapping, and emotional content within interior environments. These research efforts have resulted in local exhibitions, and international workshops and presentations at conferences in United States, Europe and the Middle East.